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New Web app Design. Even Better Features

New Web app Design. Even Better Features

We have big news!


We’ve been working hard on redesigning our website into an even more comprehensive and accessible tool for you and your team. Our new design is a cleaner and more streamlined experience that combines tables, information, and pages in a filtered format. When you get an alert, you'll now see more specific credit information in the credit profile. For example, you'll now see information on their first mortgage, second mortgage, and HELOC when relevant. You'll also see debts like auto and credit cards plus see their estimated income, date of birth, marital status, and inventory statistics for their local geography.

To enable the new design, log in to your MonitorBase account and click on  "Try Out The New MonitorBase" in the top right corner.


Along with these new website features and design, make sure you take a good look at our improved database enrichment function! 


What is database enrichment?

It’s the process of taking partial databases of contacts and appending the missing information in the contact records. Have the name and number for a contact, but not their address? No worries. You can add the contact into MonitorBase and we will find the missing information and begin monitoring them. How is this beneficial? Not all LO’ s have access to their complete database if they move lenders. The impartial database is just waiting to be utilized. 


With this new feature, you can now monitor more data than you could before and take advantage of your existing relationships. The best part? All of the new website features come free to you as part of your MonitorBase subscription.

No catch. These enhancements are part of our commitment to continually provide exceptional solutions to our users, every day.