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Credit Pre-Qualification is Your New Best Friend

Credit Pre-Qualification is Your New Best Friend


Did you know SoftPull from MonitorBase can take a potential client from an anxious maybe to an excited yes? Giving access to your SoftPull link to your real estate partners can benefit you both by instantly credit-pre qualifying their clients, and sending them directly over to your Point of Sale. 

Picture it: a young couple looking to purchase their first home. An eager real estate agent walking them through a lovely starter home. You can see the wonder and excitement in the couple’s eyes like children on Christmas morning. The real estate agent smiles knowingly, she knew they’d love this home, it checks all of their boxes and lives up to their expectations. An impossible find in their target neighborhood, but she’s pulled it off. 

Everything is going so well… until it’s time to talk financing. The agent tells the couple the price. The sparkle in their eyes vanishes, leaving behind the sheer, wide-eyed panic of a deer caught in headlights. They don’t know if they will qualify for this home they are so quickly falling in love with. The young couple has worked so hard to get the credit ready for their first mortgage. They’ve paid down their debts, and saved up for a down payment. They think their credit is ready, but they don’t want another inquiry to bring it down before they’re 100% sure they’re ready to apply. 

Little does the couple know that their agent has a trick up her sleeve. She’s partnered with your mortgage company, and she already has her favorite Loan Officer’s SoftPull link pulled up on her iPad. 

SoftPull allows the agent to credit pre-qualify the couple instantly, typically with just a name and address. Unlike traditional credit pulls, SoftPull gives the Loan Officer a full Experian credit report, immediately letting them know whether or not the couple meets credit standards. This will also not harm the couple’s credit score because it’s not a hard inquiry. All of their worries and fears are out the window, and they can begin the application process. Once they’ve been credit pre-qualified, they simply click continue from the SoftPull page, and it automatically redirects them to the Loan Officer’s point of sale or online application, letting them apply right away. 

The best part? SoftPull only costs $3. You no longer need to spend $30+ doing a hard credit pull on clients that aren’t sure if they will qualify or if they are ready to apply. Save time, save money, and sweep your client’s worries and hesitations away with the click of a button.