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Text to pre-qualify soft pull technology

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Text to pre-qualify is now available to all MonitorBase users using our SoftPull Instant Credit tool! Here are a couple examples how you might use this.

The Consumer. A consumer calls you on the phone and says, "Hi, I want to get a quote for a mortgage but I don't want you to pull my credit until I say so." This is usually because the consumer is concerned about having a new inquiry affect their credit score, or because they have a specific issue they don't want you too know about right up front. Who knows? Maybe they are in the process of taking care of a derogatory item or getting it removed.

Now you can say, "No problem, I have a way for you to see what products you are credit prequalified for without affecting your credit! Just text the word "Go" to my number 321-555-5432." Our system will log the consent to send the text and send back a text message with a link to your instant pre-qual page.

The Referral Partner. This product is valuable for your referral partners as well; you could tell them, "Hey friend, anytime you have a client ready to look into financing, tell them to text the word "Go" to my number 321-555-5432 and they can get an instant credit pre-qual from me, day or night!"

The text to pre-qualify tool is a simple way to get the consumer a link to your instant credit pre-qual page. Otherwise, you might have to tell them a long web address over the phone that they will surely type in wrong or forget once they hang up.

If you want to learn more about Instant Credit Prequal visit: SoftPull - Instant Credit Pre-qualification