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Text to Pre-Qualify: Instant Soft Credit Check

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Last week we announced a technology giving mortgage companies and their clients access to an instant credit pre-qualification through a soft credit pull right on their mobile device.  

Our pilot users are seeing very positive results and saving a bundle on credit report fees that would otherwise be wasted.  Their referral partners also love that their prospects can use SoftPull to get a thumbs up on credit early in the process without a full loan application, or even a social security number.

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Consumers are evolving and expect answers on demand,  SoftPull gives clients instant credit pre-qualification to a lender’s products, early in the mortgage process.  This provides both originators and their referral partner’s clients the ability to text to pre-qualify anytime, anywhere.

As mortgage companies pursue the digital mortgage process, a gap remains before the point of sale system where consumers are looking for low commitment ways to get answers and information. Systems like SoftPull are bridging the gap between shoppers and applicants. 

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