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Overcoming Marketing Obstacles

Overcoming Marketing Obstacles

What’s one of the most important things you need to reach your business goals? Good marketing. Letting potential clients know who you are, what you do, and how to reach you is the only way to succeed. 

Let us help you remove some of the constraints from your marketing and lead generation efforts. We’ve spent some time thinking about what parts of marketing are holding businesses back, and compiled a list of ways to get over these hurdles.

Your Potential clients aren’t answering your phone calls or messages. We know how to fix that. 

Scam phone calls and solicitations have been blowing up lately. No one wants to get scammed, so people these days are less likely to answer a call from a number they don't know then ever before. 

Give this a try.

Prior to calling a contact that you haven’t spoken to in a while, reach out over multiple channels and let the customer know you will be calling.

For example, if they have opted in for text messages from you, shoot them a text, making sure to say “Hi [Name], it’s Louie! I’ll give you a call in a minute.  I’ll be calling you from 801-555-4321 (whatever your local number is). Then call within a minute or so. In their mind this will turn your call from an unknown possible robocall to a live person with a relevant call. 

I’m sure many of you have experienced when a call comes in from a number that isn’t in your phone contacts, your phone will check if the number has been in any recent emails that you have received and it will say “Maybe: [Someone's Name]. You can use this to your advantage. Send them an email with the phone number that you will be calling from in your email signature. Give it a little time so their inbox has time to receive it, then give them a call.  

You can also play around with sending them a facebook message prior to calling. Anything that brings you to their consciousness prior to calling will improve your chances of engagement greatly.

Credit checks and time constraints

Think about these two scenarios:

 One: The old fashioned way. A client meets with a Realtor and wants to buy a home. The client hasn’t been pre-qualified yet, so the Realtor gives the client your business card, but they still haven’t started looking for homes yet, they are still not engaged. After this, life happens, they could forget about that little business card for days.

When (and if) they do decide to finally pick up the phone and call you, a stranger, to discuss their finances,  if they’re even close to qualifying, they’ll need to apply. This process can take well over 30 minutes.

At this point, if all is well, you can say congrats!  You are prequalified! Now go back to the Agent and look for your dream home! And now they can finally start looking at homes. That was a long time and a lot of work before someone told them "Yes."

This is a HUGE time constraint for your sales process. They were set free, and had to hope they came back to you eventually. 

Two: Using SoftPull. We start off the same: a client meets with a Realtor and wants to buy a home. The client still hasn’t been pre-qualified, but instead of the agent sending them away, they say “To get the mortgage process started text 'Go" to this phone number (your MonitorBase SoftPull number) and my preferred lender will give you an instant credit pre-qualification, and it doesn't affect your credit score.”

Now they can start looking at homes immediately. While they’re looking at homes, you will start working on your file and contact you to gather more information and complete your application process. SoftPull eliminates all the wasted time in scenario number one, benefiting you, the agent, and the client. In scenario two, everyone wins. 

Auto responders

Better marketing doesn't always mean more effort. You don’t need to be a super creative marketing expert to hit your goals. Better marketing doesn’t always have to mean more “effort” or more “spend”. 

Once you have a consumer engaged, do you have a system in place to instantly follow up? If a prospect engages with you today, and you don't get back to them until tomorrow, you have a marketing constraint. This common constraint can be eliminated without additional spend by setting up a quick automated follow up.

Putting a system in place to automatically respond to prospects can keep them interested and engaged without much extra effort from you. Many CRM programs already have ways to send automated follow-ups built-in, all you have to do is set your follow up criteria and messaging.


This year, let's stop letting prospects slip through the cracks while making following up easier on ourselves. Save time, money, and effort by implementing these tips into your business. 

Follow up faster, get more clients, close more deals.