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Product Launch: Email prescreened offers of credit

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We are proud to announce the addition of email delivery for prescreened offers of credit within the MonitorBase mortgage lead generation platform! We now have the functionality to deliver timely offers of credit through both direct mail and email, personalized to the individual loan officer.

We are living in a digital world and lenders are looking for new ways of expanding engagement with their customers through digital delivery. Our solution gives them an additional channel for extending firm offers of credit while enhancing their ability to communicate with consumers much faster than a traditional, single-channel method such as direct mail.

We are seeing tremendous initial results with email. Engagement and response rates are way above average, especially when the offer of credit is sent as a multi-channel delivery. Alongside email, we will continue to arm lenders with enhanced digital solutions that help them close more loans while providing deeper engagement for both loan officers and borrowers.

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