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Predictive Marketing on Autopilot

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What if you knew who was getting ready to purchase a home, refinance, or make a move in the near future before anyone else? What if your sales team could reach this exclusive, high-quality, high-converting lead source before your competition even knew about it? What if you could put the  marketing and outreach on autopilot, letting it drive inbound interest to your loan officers on a daily basis?

Our new predictive marketing service brings it all together for your organization. We analyze hundreds of defined data points to formulate patterns that identify prospects who are likely to be in the market. Once someone is identified, we not only alert your team, our system automatically produces and distributes a compliance-approved, highly responsive offer to the prospect on your behalf. We take the heavy lifting out of the process.

Predictive marketing provides daily alerts on the following:

  • Prospects who are getting ready to shop for a mortgage
  • Potential borrowers who are preparing to move
  • Equity and interest rate information on current homeowners
  • New listings that are just hitting the market

Many lenders have been telling us lately we are one of the highest-performing and lowest cost marketing channels for them. We love hearing this and take great pride in partnering with our customers to provide them with information that drives future and ongoing business. Predictive marketing is giving lenders a big edge in this market by providing them with:

  • A new marketing channel that performs and costs much less that traditional sources
  • First to audience. No more losing loans to your competitors!
  • The ability to leverage the latest in AI and big data
  • Deeper insight and better data on future clients

Technology is transforming marketing faster than ever before. We are helping top mortgage companies, banks, and credit unions stay on top of these advancements with cost-effective marketing techniques that drive results.

You can enable your service right inside the MonitorBase platform. Or send a quick email to sales@monitorbase.com and we can get it enabled for you right away.

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