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Eric Mitchell - Originator Connect 2021

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The average homeowner moves every 10 years.

So if you have 5,000 people in your database…500 of them will buy a home and 500 will refinance every single year! 

The question is…

How do you find the 80+ people who are looking to buy or refinance each month?

MonitorBase works hand-in-hand with Experian to monitor your database for home buying activity!

  • Constantly monitors your database
  • Finds the people who are currently in the market
  • Automatically sends out mail & email offers on your behalf

So you can sit back and take applications from ready homebuyers.

All you need is a name and address to start monitoring!

No Phone, No Email, No Social.

Closing These Loans Is Easy!

You already have relationships with them and they just applied for a mortgage or listed their house for sale! So 12 or more are going to call you directly and the other 28 are warm, qualified leads who you can easily call and have a conversation with.

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