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The Year for MonitorBase

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The Time is Now to Change to Monitorbase.

While much of the mortgage industry struggles to maintain profitability and compete in the market, we are seeing our clients thrive. Every talking head in the mortgage industry is spouting out ways to navigate the ups and downs of 2023. However, Loan Officers are unlikely to be a social media post away from having the year they desire. Building your brand or buying new leads isn’t the ticket either. The most significant opportunity for every mortgage loan officer is right under their nose.

Every month, sometimes daily, loan officers meet, speak with, and assist potential borrowers. The collection of contacts amassed over time is the most valuable asset any loan officer can possess. The contacts that have yet to qualify by a couple of credit score points, DTI needed to be lower, or job tenure was a couple of months shy. These contacts stacked up in a database are the keys to success in 2023 if managed and worked adequately.

MonitorBase was founded in 2007 by Louis Zitting in Murray, Utah. Correct, before Dodd-Frank. Developing this technology was challenging, but Louis was resilient in his approach. He tested and developed tons of algorithms to perfect his solution. His dedication paid off. Almost 100% of our 220+ mortgage lenders since 2007 have remained loyal customers, including some of the biggest mortgage lenders in the US.

The short of it. We help lenders, brokers, and retail mortgage loan officers find potential loans in their contact databases. This could be any database. CRM. LOS. Excel Spreadsheet. A collection of business cards tied together with rubber bands. If you have put together a database of potential customers, we can help you identify when they are ready to buy. Instead of droning on about our proprietary technology, predictive analytics, and our newest Instant Credit Trigger feature – we’d like you to understand precisely why we can help you navigate this current mortgage market.

1. We work with Everyone – whether you are a broker, mortgage branch, small or medium size lender, or massive Enterprise, we have a borrower retention solution for you. This will likely be helpful to many being left behind. Any size lender, we’d love a chance to work with you.

2. Alert Effectiveness – Not every alert we send is a home run. Still, we are doing everything we can to optimize these alerts to provide our customers with a high-quality opportunity. Our credit and data partnerships and predictive analytics allow us to push alerts with credit scores that drive ROI-positive results.

3. Retail Mortgage Loan Officers – We have been highly successfully helping retail mortgage loan officers with borrower retention. Because our high-quality alerts drive results, retail loan officers trust our process and are willing to engage. The bottom line is, The Time is Now to Change to Monitorbase. the most prominent Retail Mortgage loan officers and brokers on the planet use MonitorBase.


4. Save Money – When customers switch to Monitorbase, they always rave about how much they save. Why? We customize the plan to fit their needs. We send fewer alerts because we are more thorough in our process. Retail Loan Officers don’t need a credit alert because Jim just paid off the Best Buy credit card. Sometimes people pay off credit cards. Anyway, we are interested in providing value. Get a quote today!

The mortgage industry is in a dogfight over loans. Most mortgage loan officers can find these deals if they look in their database. They have developed the relationships, spent the time putting deals together, and it didn’t close for some reason. It takes a person of perseverance and compassion to help borrowers who have been rejected. These loan officers that are willing to work deals are heroes. We know that many of them do it without any technology solution. They dedicate time daily to follow up on deals that didn’t qualify, repair bad credit, or don’t find the right home. We want to facilitate these loan officers and help them identify the borrowers that are helping themselves. We all deserve a shot at homeownership if we want it.

There are loans in your contact database. Save money on new leads. Save money on Facebook Ad Campaigns. A mortgage loan officer’s contacts could be the keys to success in 2023. Demand is still strong; people still want to buy homes. The mortgage industry has an opportunity to be the business sector of strong relationships. That is why we believe that – EVERY CONTACT MATTERS.

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