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Tip to double your marketing engagement and improve DEI


I'd like to share a quick tip to double your engagement on homebuyer marketing campaigns. It works excellent for refinances, too, so keep this in mind when we get some relief in mortgage rates.

We’ve consistently found that giving multiple language options on our database marketing offers will double engagement.  For example, having a Spanish-speaking phone line or text message option where a borrower can talk with an originator that speaks fluent Spanish can double your response rates.

In many cases, the homebuyers can speak Spanish and English just fine. Still, if English is their second language, they will likely feel more comfortable having detailed financial discussions in their primary language.  It establishes trust and connection, which is what good marketing is about. 

So the first step in serving underserved communities is to get them offers in their language. This is bigger than most people think, and it’s easy to solve.

And, of course, give language options that best serve your marketplace; Spanish is just one example because there’s just massive growth in the Hispanic home buyer population and will be for years.

So, please do share this with your colleagues.  Hopefully, this will boost your marketing efforts while driving more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in your organization.

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