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MonitorBase Home Buyer Marketing from Louis Zitting on Vimeo.

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By tracking your local Counties, MonitorBase sends direct mail and generates local, inbound, credit pre-screened calls to your originators.

Using a modeled marketing campaign and a direct mail series in your area, we identify underserved people who are highly motivated homebuyers, but they often need education, so on average, expect a 90 day closing.

This not only generates loans, but builds stronger relationships by sending referrals to your partners.

Past mail experience has given us insight into who is likely to open a letter, call, and actually follow through to funding, so your marketing dollars aren’t pouring right into the recycle can at the Post Office.

When a branch signs up for a geography, that geography is no longer available to the other branches in that company.

30-day contract, Minimum = $1,000 / 334 prospects, $2.99 per prospect mailed 3X.