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    Get started with Database Monitoring Alerts

    Get started with your Database Marketing Alerts: Inquiry Alerts, Migration Alerts, Pre-mover Alerts, and Predictive Marketing Automation. 

    1.  Getting MonitorBase account access.  

    If you aren't sure if your lender is approved with MonitorBase, or if you still need pricing and an on-boarding package, talk to our sales team to request set-up information.  If your company is already set up, browse the sections below to get started!

    2.  Uploading you database(s) for monitoring.

    3.  Enabling / disabling monitoring and alert types. 

    4. What happens when you start getting alerts?


    Product One-Sheets: 
    Inquiry alert one-sheet
    Migration alert one-sheet
    Pre-mover alert one-sheet
    Predictive marketing one-sheet
    Email marketing one-sheet