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    What are database monitoring alerts and how should I use them?

    Feb 5, 2019 12:19:27 PM

    Here's a short video explaining the basics of the database marketing alerts that are available with MonitorBase and how they support your mortgage lead generation efforts.  


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    So you've uploaded your prospects you've started using the soft pull technology but you haven't gotten your first alerts yet and you're not sure what's going to happen once those alerts start coming in. 

    So the first thing you're going to see is an email from MonitorBase letting you know that one of your customers has taken some sort of activity that you've selected you'd like to be notified for.  That email is going to prompt you to log in to your monitor base account and take a look at which prospect has had which kind of behavior you'll then be able to see credit profiles, including FICO scores.  Either an email firm offer has gone out or a mail firm offer is scheduled to go out to that customer with your personalized information on it.  When the customer gets your marketing offer they can call you or email you on that particular marketing piece that's been scheduled. 

    Next you may be wondering what am I supposed to do now that I have the information?  We might tell you any number of different alerts, behaviors or actions and the marketing is scheduled to go out but your next steps are really important to the success of the MonitorBase platform.  If you know for example that one of your customers has had their credit pulled for a mortgage with another loan originator or at another mortgage company, that's an opportunity for you to call the customer to follow-up to the marketing that's gone out.  You can also get notifications on customers who were previously credit denied but now have improved their credit to meet your minimum criteria.  We can also notify you when customers or previous prospects in your database have listed their homes for sale or for rent.  The last type of monitoring or marketing that we can trigger is the predictive marketing event.  Predictive Marketing is a machine learning algorithm based event that tells you a customer is taking some type of pre-shopping behaviors and now may be a good time for marketing to trigger for them.  


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    William LeBaron

    Written by William LeBaron

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