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    Predictive Marketing - Seller Buyer Opportunity - Alert Intel: MBai106

    By Louis Zitting on Jun 6, 2019 1:48:29 PM

    One of the database marketing products available to MonitorBase users is Predictive Marketing alerts.  Our system monitors hundreds of data points on an individual and identifies opportunities in your prospect database where a mortgage transaction is likely to occur.  Each Predictive Marketing alert is delivered with an Alert Intel to give you insight into each opportunity to reconnect with your prospect.  Check out our full list of Predictive Marketing Alert Intels here

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    How to identify Home Sellers in your MonitorBase Alerts

    By Louis Zitting on Feb 16, 2017 3:45:35 PM

    With an uptick in rates, more mortgage teams are trying to determine how to replace their lost refinance business with purchase business. It's no news that many markets are very low on inventory, making it hard to find homes for your buyers. The name of the game today is how to identify soon to be sellers.

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