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    Mortgage Lead Generation

    By Louis Zitting on Feb 22, 2019 11:53:00 AM

    Mortgage lead generation is quickly becoming a hot topic for mortgage lenders and brokers as they look to new ways to acquire customers in the digital age.  Traditional mortgage marketing models are changing as consumers change the way they wish to engage with mortgage originators.  Purchasing leads from lead aggregators and referral partner marketing continue to produce great results for some originators, but how do you get started generating your own mortgage leads while promoting your own brand?  Let's discuss alternative ways of generating your own inbound marketing without the need for third-party lead sources.

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    How to personalize your email and direct mail offers

    By Cece Cawley on Jan 30, 2019 4:58:13 PM

    Personalizing your mail and email allows your own name, NMLS, and phone number to be sent on the letters and emails that are sent out to your customers through the Database Monitoring Alerts platform. This insures that email replies and phone calls are sent directly to you rather than the main phone number for your branch or organization.

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    Recipe for Success: Home Buyer Inbound Calls

    By Louis Zitting on Apr 18, 2017 4:48:03 PM

    The MonitorBase Home Buyer product is a very effective inbound call marketing campaign. This article is meant to give you the tips you and your team need to get the most of your marketing dollars. We recommend you go over this article with everyone in your team before the calls start coming in! Trust us, it will help you be more successful. You can also register for a webinar specifically about our Home Buyer program below.

    Remember:  Everyone you talk to has some level of interest in buying a home, whether they are ready to move forward now or in the next year.  Make sure to use this opportunity to refer them to one of your referral partners!  Your referral partners will be happy to engage with the consumer early in the process as well.  This is a great way to reciprocate business to your partners.

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