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    Predictive Marketing - Refinance Opportunity - Alert Intel: MBai105

    Jun 6, 2019 1:18:46 PM

    One of the database marketing products available to MonitorBase users is Predictive Marketing alerts.  Our system monitors hundreds of data points on an individual and identifies opportunities in your prospect database where a mortgage transaction is likely to occur.  Each Predictive Marketing alert is delivered with an Alert Intel to give you insight into each opportunity to reconnect with your prospect.  Check out our full list of Predictive Marketing Alert Intels here

    Alert Intel Code: MBai105

    Summary: Prospect has a VA loan with a high estimated rate compared to today's rates.  Might be interested in an IRRL or 100% cash-out.

    Detail:  The prospect appears to have a higher than market interest rate given today's interest rates on VA loans.  VA loans are heavily marketed for IRRL and cash-out refinances, but given the fact that you have had a prior relationship with the borrower you have a better chance at keeping their business.  It may be worth reviewing this prospects file to offer a IRRL refinance or 100% cash-out if they could pay off other high interest rate debt at the same time. 

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