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    Jun 5, 2019 3:41:33 PM

    One of the database monitoring products available to MonitorBase users is Predictive Marketing alerts.  Our system monitors hundreds of data points on an individual and identifies opportunities in your prospect database where a mortgage transaction is likely to occur.  Each Predictive Marketing alert is delivered with an Alert Intel to give you insight into each opportunity to reconnect with your prospect.  See below for a list of each Predictive Marketing Alert Intel, click on the links to read more detail.

    MBai27 - Refinance OpportunityProspect pays more than their scheduled monthly mortgage payment on a 30-year term. May be interested in lowering their term to a 15 or 20-year. 

    MBai28 - Home Buyer OpportunityProspect has shown intent for a mortgage in recent months but does not have a mortgage reporting on their credit file yet. 

    MBai30 - Refinance OpportunityProspect has a high estimated FHA rate and MI.  The score is in a tier that may allow them to refinance to a conforming loan and drop mortgage insurance.  

    MBai34 - Refinance OpportunityProspect has a low estimated LTV and a second mortgage or home equity line.  Consolidation could be a good option.  

    MBai37 - Home Buyer OpportunityProspect appears to be renting a single family residence.  Address type is single family, no mortgage on file.  Meets credit criteria to be a homeowner.  Good candidate to stop paying rent and buy a home. 

    MBai38 - Refinance OpportunityProspect has an FHA loan with a high estimated rate and MI compared to today's interest rates.  May benefit from a streamline refinance. 

    MBai39 - Home Buyer or Refinance OpportunityProspect has applied for a mortgage within the past 8 months and does not appear to have completed a transaction yet. Good opportunity to help with issues they may have been turned down for.  

    MBai40 - Home Buyer or Refinance OpportunityProspect has a high predictive score indicating their credit-related behavior shows a high propensity to complete a mortgage transaction within 120 days. 

    MBai99 - Home Buyer OpportunityYour prospect's address on file has likely been listed for rent.  This is a good time to reach out, your prospect may be making a move. 

    MBai100 - Seller Buyer OpportunityThe prospect's property for the address on file has likely been listed for sale by owner.  This is a good time to reach out to see if they need financing for their new home or a referral to one of your agents. 

    MBai104 - Refinance OpportunityProspect appears to have a USDA loan with a high estimated rate and could benefit from a rate and MI reduction. 

    MBai105 - Refinance OpportunityProspect has a VA loan with a high estimated rate compared to today's rates.  Might be interested in an IRRL or 100% cash-out. 

    MBai106 - Seller Buyer OpportunityThe property for the address on file is likely listed for sale.  Good time to offer financing for the purchase of their next home.

    MBai108 - Home Buyer or Refinance OpportunityThe prospect has had a shift to a higher 700+ credit tier in the past month.  There may be an opportunity for better loan terms than previously offered. 

    MBai129 - Refinance Opportunity - Prospect has a conventional loan with a high estimated rate for today's market. Good time to discuss a refinance before they start looking elsewhere.

    MBai130 - Refinance Opportunity - Prospect could benefit from a cash-out to pay off revolving debt. Based on estimated rate and LTV there could be a big monthly savings and they could stay near their current interest rate. 

    MBai131 - Refinance Opportunity - Prospect has taken out a home equity line in the past 12 months. Might be interested in a cash-out refinance to pay off a higher interest home equity line.

    MBai132 - Refinance Opportunity - Recently applied for a home equity line. Giving them a second opinion on a cash-out refinance might give them an overall better financing option.

    MBai133 - Refinance Opportunity - Prospect has an open home equity line and a near or high than market rate on their 1st mortgage. Might benefit from a cash-out to consolidate their home equity line.

    MBai134 - Refinance Opportunity - VA loan with revolving debt. Based on estimated LTV they may be able to pay off all their revolving debt and keep their same or better interest rate with a 100% cash-out VA loan. 

    MBai135 - Refinance Opportunity - FHA loan with high combined rate + MI. Loan was funded when FHA monthly MI was much higher. There could be a benefit when lower both their rate and monthly MI.

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