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    How accurate is the credit score with SoftPull?

    Feb 15, 2019 1:16:32 PM

    Many users ask which credit score is used in SoftPull instant credit check.  Our soft inquiry technology pulls the FICO score though Experian, which is the same score that the majority of the mortgage industry pulls for tri-merge credit reports used in an application or extension of credit.  

    Please note that the FICO score that you receive is a one-bureau credit score accessed as a soft inquiry for the purpose of providing an offer of credit.  When a customer is ready to move forward with the pre-approval process, a tri-merge credit report will still be required.  If time has passed from when the consumer initiated the soft inquiry to when a consumer gives authorization to pull a hard inquiry the credit score may have changed.  Credit scores change based on updates to a consumer's credit report and when their creditors report payment history throughout the month.  

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