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    Activating your account for the first time

    Feb 5, 2019 12:49:01 PM

    Now that your company has been approved and on-boarded and you have requested an account be created for you, here is how to activate your account for the first time. 

    1. Check your email for a MonitorBase Account Activation email.

    You should have received an account activation email from MonitorBase.  If you don't see it in your email, check to make sure it hasn't gone to your spam folder.  If you still don't see the activation email, drop our support team a note and they can resend you account activation email.  Click here to message support.

    2.  Click the link in your Account Activation Email.

    This will take you to your profile setup page where you will input you account settings.  For example, and NMLS number is required so that we can display it on your personalized marketing offers.  This should be input as your personal NMLS number.  Under forwarding number, enter the phone number you would like to have inbound phone calls directed to.  You can also select a marketing number that is a tracked phone number that will be placed on your marketing pieces that instantly forwards to your direct phone number.

    Once all the required info has been completed, click Activate Account. 

    3.  Watch the required compliance training video.  

    When you have setup your profile and are logging in for the first time, you will be required to watch a short compliance training video.  This will cover FCRA training requirements for accessing prescreen data.  This training protects both you and consumers from their sensitive personal information from being share beyond the permissible purpose that is allowed when accessing prescreen data.  Learn more about firm offer requirements for prescreen data.

    Now you're in! 

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